Esme’s Wish Turns One Year Old!

As of today, Esme’s Wish is one year old! Twelve months ago my debut novel was launched and my dream of becoming an author came true. I’m still not used to having a book lying around the house with my name on it, and I am still pinching myself that it has been... read more

Interview with Clare Rhoden, Author of The Pale Series

Clare Rhoden is a Melbourne-based author whose thought-provoking post-apocalyptic dystopian novel, The Pale, hit shelves late last year. I thought up some thorny questions to ask her, and Clare admirably rose to the challenge! The Pale revolves around the fallout from... read more

Interview with Mawson Bear

It’s easy to feel lost and alone in this fast-moving world, and comfort can come from unexpected places. In Mawson Bear’s picture book for adults we meet a wise old bear who offers simple advice that goes straight to the heart. The following interview is... read more

Interview with Nadia L. King, Author of Jenna’s Truth

This post is devoted an author who has tackled a difficult subject and succeeded admirably. Nadia King, an author originally from Dublin but now living in Australia, has taken an intense and painful subject and shone light on it through her powerful novella... read more

Esme’s Wish: Book launch highlights

Happy holidays everyone! I’m pleased to let you all know that the book launch period for Esme’s Wish is finally complete! Two launches were held in Sydney and Brisbane, the latter in the wonderful Mad Hatters’ bookshop, pictured above. So far, the reception to... read more

Happy Book Birthday to Esme’s Wish!

Today’s the day! Happy book birthday to Esme’s Wish! My dream is finally being realised and I am buzzing with enthusiasm, giddy with joy and more than ready for a glass or two of champagne. If you are keen to buy a copy or two, check out the home page of this website... read more

Esme’s Wish cover reveal and first reviews!

Exciting news: Esme’s Wish has a cover! Illustrated by Furea, the cover is a wraparound design with the ocean featuring on both front and back. For me, Furea’s illustration perfectly captures the direction and feel of the story, and a sense of its whimsy.... read more

Update on Esme’s Wish!

The last few months have been a whirl of preparing Esme’s Wish for the publisher’s final edits. This last stage has been an exhausting one, but at the same time, Esme’s Wish has been on the boil for so many years, and edited so many times, that letting go... read more

Bookish bites from 2016

As the end of the year draws near, I thought I would share some of my favourite passages I’ve read this year – particularly, ones which have struck me for their intelligence and efficiency. Wuthering Heights A perfect misanthropist’s heaven: and Mr.... read more

Thinking Outside the Triangle

Writers are often advised to avoid love triangles. The YA market is saturated with them: they have become a cliché, an easy way of introducing and sustaining conflict for the protagonist. But there is something to be said for the power of three, and it is worth... read more

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