Hi, everyone! I’m super excited to announce that the second book in the Esme trilogy is finally out! Esme’s Gift was published in December and is available worldwide through Amazon, Book Depository, or in Australia through Booktopia. The sequel continues the adventures of Esme Silver, and this instalment is most suited to readers 12 years and over. Esme is even busier in this book as she sets out on a quest to help her ailing mother while attending school in Esperance. Here’s a review which sums up the span of the story well.

Esme’s Gift explores a grittier, darker, and at times more beautiful Aeolia. Elizabeth Foster’s strong world-building cultivates a story that’s even more mysterious and layered than Esme’s first swim into Aeolia. While a thriller element is woven into the fantasy plot in a way that kept me on the edge of my seat at times, where the book really stands out is in the characters.

Upping the action a bit from the first book, Esme, Daniel, and Lillian take on a lot of personal growth tasks suitable to their ages, from majestic dragons to terrifying oracles, medical secrets, Aeolia’s violent history — and the ghosts who tell it — and the sometimes accident-prone development of their own special Gifts. Esme’s Gift captures the angst, growing pains, and courage of adolescents while threading in some gentle moments of true friendship and affection.

– Sarah Scheele

In all honesty, I found this middle book quite a difficult one to write. While it was great to dive back into a world that was already established, I also set myself a high bar – I wanted to make the second book in the series the best I could, and it took a while! Thankfully, book three is proving much easier. I’ve spent more time on plotting it out and am definitely reaping the rewards. I do love writing series and am already thinking of what to write after this one is complete.

Check out the new book on the website.

Happy reading!

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