I’m delighted to announce that my debut novel, Esme’s Wish, will be published by Odyssey Books in 2017! Odyssey Books, a small Australian press with an interest in fantasy and adventure stories, will publish Esme’s Wish in both print and eBook format. I am very excited to see my story finally making its way into the hands of readers.

Getting to this point has been a long journey. I started writing the novel several years ago, initially with my son, Chris. While he has remained involved in the story as editor and chief cheerleader he has gone on to write a fantasy series of his own.

I really had no idea of the effort it would take to write a novel-length story, let alone bring it up to publishable standard. Fortunately, I enjoyed scribbling away, and after surviving many teary edits and a number of manuscript assessments, the story was done. Over the last couple of years, Esme’s Wish has won the praise of commissioning editors – but, until recently, no contract. When I received word from Odyssey that they loved the story AND wanted to publish it, I couldn’t quite believe it.

Over the past couple of weeks – since hearing the news and sorting out contracts – the sheer exhaustion induced by the search for a publisher has hit home. The starry-eyed writer who began this process is no more. The harsh reality of the intersection of the creative with the commercial is now something I understand well.

I leave you with a quote that has sustained me throughout writing Esme’s Wish – a quote that has been pinned to my noticeboard for years, and, serendipitously, is also pinned to the top of Odyssey Books’ Twitter page.

“Be so good they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin

Look forward to seeing Esme’s Wish on bookshelves in 2017!

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