Happy holidays everyone! I’m pleased to let you all know that the book launch period for Esme’s Wish is finally complete! Two launches were held in Sydney and Brisbane, the latter in the wonderful Mad Hatters’ bookshop, pictured above. So far, the reception to the novel has wildly exceeded my expectations. Thanks to all who came to the launches, read the book, or posted a review online. Your support is greatly appreciated! Here, have a cupcake (baked by my talented cousin, Linda!)

Thanks, too, to Wendy Orr, author of many award-winning books including Nim’s Island and Dragonfly Song, who recently read Esme’s Wish and has graciously provided a few words for the cover of future editions. Wendy is one of my favourite authors, and to have her read my novel and enjoy it was surreal to say the least!

As someone with a serious case of wanderlust, I have also been delighted at how far the story has travelled. Thanks to the wonder of the internet, Esme’s Wish has now been read not only in Australia, the U.S, the U.K., and Canada, but also in places like Alaska, China, Nigeria and Hong Kong.

“Where’s the second one?” has been a common reader refrain. Now that the dust has settled, I will be working hard on writing the second book in the trilogy, entitled Esme’s Gift. These updates will be few and far between as I retreat into the writing cave, but hopefully I will emerge with a second book worth reading.

I will leave you with a couple of snippets from some of the most recent reviews:

“Superbly-written fantasy adventure by a talented debut author, I so enjoyed diving into the world of Aeolia with Esme as she searched for her mother and found friends, magic, and mystery along the way. The world-building was a treat, and the prose flows like water. Lovely!” – Jessica Lim, Goodreads

“I love this novel, and honestly I am going to read it whenever I find myself sad and anxious about my place in the world – this novel took me to an amazing place and filled me with so much joy. I’d forgotten exactly what it felt like to be young… and something about this wonderful story took me right back to when imagination and dreams were real.” – Kirstin, Goodreads

Wishing everyone very happy reading in 2018!

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