As of today, Esme’s Wish is one year old! Twelve months ago my debut novel was launched and my dream of becoming an author came true. I’m still not used to having a book lying around the house with my name on it, and I am still pinching myself that it has been so well received. Esme’s Wish has hit No. 1 on Amazon U.S. and Australia more than once, has won a Purple Dragonfly Book Award and has been read around the globe, including in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Mexico and of course here in Australia and New Zealand. I am so excited for the year ahead and am madly scribbling away to get the sequel, Esme’s Gift, ready for readers’ eyes.

More on Esme’s Gift:

Writing Esme’s Gift has been a labour of love, although oftentimes more labour than love! The discovery drafts were much more challenging this time round, as the second book is more complex, and there’s been plenty of distraction as I’ve tried to spread the word about Esme’s Wish. The good news is that my writing process has changed a lot over the course of the two books and I am getting faster. It’s now down to three or four drafts rather than ten or twelve!

The sequel is definitely heading into more YA territory as Esme turns sixteen and deals with some darker themes. But there will still be plenty of the wonder of the first book with dragons in the mix and more of pretty much… everything! At this point it looks like it will be longer than the first book but I can’t be sure until the ink is dry. The second book will be more of a quest than a mystery, but with just as many twists and turns as in book one. While Esme’s Wish is suitable for readers 10+, Esme’s Gift is more suited to readers 12+. I always planned for the series to age with the protagonist and that’s exactly what has happened.

Looking ahead:

The next few months will be exciting ones and I look forward to the launch of Esme’s Gift, hopefully sometime in August, 2019.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my writing so far. As a gesture of thanks I’m running a giveaway to celebrate the one year anniversary of publication. The prize is a signed copy of Esme’s Wish and a copy of the sequel, too, when it becomes available, or else there is the option of an Amazon gift voucher.

The giveaway is open internationally. Check it out on on Instagram here.

Have a wonderful festive season and happy reading!

x Elizabeth

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