I’m just dropping a quick note to let everyone know that both e-books in the Esme series – Esme’s Wish and Esme’s Gift – are on sale for a few weeks, so if you are looking for new reading material it’s a great time to grab a copy. The Esme series is the perfect escape from the woes of our current crisis, set in a world similar to ours, but with added dragons and magic! Check out the books on Amazon, 0.99 AUD each for a limited time.

Read on if you’d like to learn a little about the process of writing Esme’s Gift!

I’ve often found that trilogies have a ‘second book slump’ – a fantastic beginning and an explosive ending, let down by a sagging middle. Sometimes, it’s because the second book is produced in a rush – the author is still on the marketing trail for the first book, while deadlines loom for the second. Or perhaps the author never planned to write a sequel, but readers demanded one after the first book’s success. Then there is the anxiety many writers face when trying to create a second book that will measure up to the first. This can lead to writer’s block at the very time when the author is expected to be most productive.

As the Esme series is published by a small press, I was fortunate to have some leeway in the time it took to write Esme’s Gift. I still felt the usual second book anxiety, but I also had the chance to think hard about how I wanted the story to unfold and plot it out before beginning the writing process. So far the feedback from reviewers has been positive, so I hope I have achieved my goal of making the second book as satisfying as the first! If you’d like to read the reviews so far, check them out on Goodreads.

Happy reading everyone – and stay safe!


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